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No-Guilt Disney Podcast

Jan 29, 2020

Rise of the Resistance is THE E-Ticket ride at Walt Disney World and Disneyland right now. No question; this is absolutely the kind of wow-factor experience Walt had in mind. 

While we agree that it is phenomenal in many ways, it also takes a special set of skills to get on this bad boy. The Empire is going to make you WORK for the privilege of riding this one- at least for the time being. 

Jane shares her knowledge as a Walt Disney World local, Patty talks about her 2 very different experiences trying to get a boarding group for this ride, and Theresa has #allthequestions since she hasn't been on just yet! 

No spoilers in this episode, just real talk and hopefully real tips to get you on the attraction at either park. 

May the Force Be With You! 

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