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No-Guilt Disney Podcast

Feb 19, 2020

runDisney and Club runDisney

Happy Princess Half Marathon weekend, runners! We're celebrating you by talking about one of our favorite subjects: runDisney. 

And also: Who's the leader of the Club that's (probably not) made for you and me?


We discuss this somewhat controversial topic and let you know if we think this add-on to your runDisney weekend is worth the cost. 

In this episode, we've got a general rundown (get it?) of general runDisney topics like how to register, when to register, and what those registration options look like. 

  • The runDisney good
  • The runDisney bad 
  • Our runDisney Why

If you're looking for a podcast that covers runDisney 101 and logistics, you can find that on the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast or by visiting this link for the runDisney 101 details.

Theresa asks #allthequestions since she's not a runner, and she also shares her experiences as a non-runner who attends race weekends.

Jane tells us who runDisney is for and who it's NOT for. Hint- if you don't like fun, this race series is NOT for you.

Need more info? Contact No-Guilt Travel, an agency that specializes in runDisney racecations or fill out this form for a quote 

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