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No-Guilt Disney Podcast

Aug 6, 2023

We've been waiting to do this one allll daaaayyyyy since the first episode of Hawkeye on Disney Plus. 

And finally, we had our chance. 

Jane and Patty went to Disneyland just to see Rogers: The Musical and to will an extended run into existence for the rest of you. While that hasn't happened (yet!) we are super hopeful it makes a return to the Hyperion as soon as possible. 

Because: yes, y'all, it's THAT good. 

If you've seen Aladdin or Frozen at the Hyperion and enjoyed those shows, then you will love the production of Rogers: The Musical. 

Catch it before it goes away August 31! 

Special thanks to the HoJo MoJo Casa House for hosting us this weekend! We recorded this one from Howard Johnson's Anaheim Resort (check out the previous episode for all the reasons we loved it and think you may want to book your next Disneyland trip here!). 

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