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No-Guilt Disney Podcast

Feb 24, 2020

runDisney Unpopular Opinions

You shared 'em- boy did you!

Opinions and a healthy dose of complaints (ahem).

What we were hoping for: things that you love that no one else does, or things that you hate that everyone else raves about. You know, that super unpopular opinion you needed to get out!

Instead, we got mostly a list of things runDisney does wrong... cause apparently you needed to get those out as well.  We don't go into a deep dive on those today, because, hey, that's a whole podcast unto itself. But we've got them for a future episode. 

On this one:

  • Who hates Cheese?
  • Who hates fun?
  • Who hates night races?
  • Who loved ESPN during the marathon?

Ah yes, we've got to talk about all this and more- including why this is Theresa's last episode on the podcast. #shehatescheese #canthavethatnegativityinmylife 

(I kid, I kid, she's staying. But whoa- that one threw me!)

Also: the runDisney 101 podcasts mentioned in the episode can be found here.

Got an unpopular Disney opinion? We're taking submissions. Email or use this form to send them to us. 

We won't judge. (much)

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